Additional toll due to the central bus terminal in the city of Rangpur is about to close the fishery agency. Additional rate of extorting money from businessmen launching a movement against the lessee fisheries. The fish were sold off on Monday, and the toll is manabandhana. About this business and the lessee faced. There is the risk of untoward incidents happen at any time.

According to the country from the south to fish in the truck after truck to truck Mahajan 8 billion and cut fish costs about 10 rupees to pay the toll. If you give him a cut of the truck 1 is separate 10 thousand rupees. They also went to buy fish wholesalers in the region, the toll money to pay two per kg. As a result of step-by-day toll arattite has reduced the number of sellers and buyers. 3 years ago, there is now used every day from 3 to 4 thousand wholesaler to purchase fish from 1 hundred and fifty people came to the wholesaler.

Overall, more than a hundred different places in the country Chittagong from the smallest to the greatest came trata. Gone now 4 to 5 trucks coming from fish. Rangpur extra tolls because of fish traders from outside the sathibari parsbabati with a nominal toll, the City of market sells a variety of fish Arate. Many fear the toll collection Arate has come off. As a result, unable to businesses cutting aratadarasaha life miserable few hundred people involved in the profession.

Arate also no infrastructure and other facilities niskasanasaha water. So they stopped paying tolls on Monday celebrated human chain program. Traders stopped giving the toll has been tension between the lessee and its people. The incident could happen at any time.

Terminal fisheries agency Traders Association President Alamgir Hossain and General Secretary Mizanur Rahman miju the lessee to them in many ways over the past three years has been niryatina. Arate many folds higher than other markets in the tolls are collected. They are desperate camdabaji the toll way. More than once appealed to the civic authorities but no action was taken.

Shaheen hadibujjamana lessee of an additional toll camdabajira denies, however, in June last year to 4 million rupees a year and a half from the City Corporation to lease the fisheries agency said. The toll is collected in accordance with the Corporation’s bid to tie. Aratadarara lease after he stopped being affected financially.

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