2-canada কানাডায় সেবিকার বিরুদ্ধে ৮ জনকে হত্যার অভিযোগAccording to the BBC, a resident of Woodstock antariora Elizabeth May trasi oyetalaupherake were produced in court on Tuesday morning.

Oyetalauphera murder victims aged between 75 and 96. They are two long-term care centers’ keyarasenta Care “and” Perkin miyadau in London, was admitted to the oyetalauphera worked.

According to police, eight people died in the hands of oyetalauphera were killed and seven others with excessive drugs.

Keyarasenta service center spokesman Lee Griffin told the BBC, accused oyetalauphera a nurse and two and a half years ago, the company listed on the left.

Since the killing of 007 014, police said.

Oyetalauphera why he killed his patients do not have any information as to the police.

However, on the basis of specific information about the investigation into the killing of eight from September 9, police said.

Woodstock Police, London Police and the Ontario Provincial Police are jointly investigating the matter.

No one has been killed by oyetalauphera sure whether the police had no information.

If you know of any information in this regard, he urged the public to inform the police about the investigation committee.


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