Hotta khun হত্যা খুন Death মৃত্যুDimla in Nilphamari mysterious young man was killed Wednesday night in the village of South gayabari. Jiyarula police from the house of Islam (3) has recovered the body. Abdul Haq is the son of the village. After the incident, the family gadhaka. The district has been sent to the morgue for post-mortem.

Nihatare brother Abdul Jalil said, proud of his wife’s suicide by strangulation. On the other hand alleged victim’s wife Shahida Begum said, hanging the body of my husband strangled.

He said in the last 7 days at home before her husband’s brother-in-law Abdul Jalil and his wife Ayesha Siddiqui maradam me to quarrel with bibadake center. Dimla injured in the hospital, I think a written complaint to the police. The police investigation before the laws were artistically killed my husband.

According to a senior police quarters dimla Shahabuddin, a mysterious phenomenon because the district morgue for autopsy has been sent. Abu Maruf district Additional Superintendent of Police visited the spot.

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