Dhan ধানDinajpur district in the east, bochaganj aman paddy across the horizon as the widespread planting of greenery is going to be. Field after field is filled with green. Upazila Agriculture Officer Roy said Vasudeva, the current Aman season 4 hundred and 90 thousand hectares of land in 16 districts east, bochaganj transplanted Aman has achieved the targets set in 16 hectares of land, which targets more than 10 thousand 5 hundred.

There are 15 varieties of upasi hundreds of 0. 7 hectares, 80 hectares and local varieties of hybrid 5 of 10 hectares of land. Brigadier-upasira rice farmers for most of the 34, 49, 57, 6, Swarna, Suman Sarna, Sarna pawn, hybrid ACI-1 and II, etc. ranigloda national rice planted.
Atagamo village farmer on Shahjahan Ali said he and the two acres of land upasi Swarna varieties, Swarna Suman has cultivated varieties.
Due to the severe drought at planting rice seedlings on a regular basis, some of the rain, but because of the situation of rice is very good.

Now he hopes to rice up 15 per acre. Sahasapura Saiful Rahman, a farmer of the village, timely irrigation and fertilizers to the rice paddy was good to get out while the going laksakara iumdurera nuisance.

Upazila agriculture office about the time rice farmers are aware of the targets will be achieved. Bistrrna different villages on the east, bochaganj the greenery field. Adhira ripening rice farmers are waiting eagerly.

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