arrestJabarahate Pirganj upazila of the district to sell the stolen cattle, including 1 cow thief was arrested and handed over to police.

Pirganj upazila of the district on October 19, 10 jabarahata jabarahate Union’s biggest cattle market took a stolen ox cows for sale in Dinajpur district behaga village east, bochaganj Saju Miah, son of Sharif Uddin (5), and the son of Abdus Sattar laichura Rahman (5).

Meanwhile, the tribal district sakhariya muramu her son Samuel muramura pets around 1 sadamahala sal bullocks to the pasture down there around 10am cow thieves to sell directly to the market.

At one point, after searching the area around the cow’s owner jabarahate sandejanakabhabe his cow cattle thief caught red-handed buying and disposing of Saju Miah. At the time, the thieves fled the scene.

SM Wahid Hussain’s intervention after lessee hats and cattle thief was hasthantara local jabarahata Union Council. Humayun Kabir, chairman of the individuals present at the principal decision concerning a thief when he said, drugs, gambling and theft Kill peace and order in the society is one of the great components.

I sincerely hate these activities. So the thief, he decided to transfer to the police and rural police pirganj garusaha thief was handed over to police. At No. 4 was attended by local dignitaries, including union members, Sahay Ali.

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