edur-আটোয়ারীতে ইঁদুর নিধন অভিযান উদ্বোধনPanchagarh Atoyarite “Come to successfully coordinated crackdown rats,” the theme of the district administration and the Department of Agriculture Extension, organized by the National rat killing campaign was officially launched.

UNO Abu Rafa Md Arif yesterday chaired Tuesday (18 October) at the opening ceremony of the Upazila Parishad killing rats screen that displays a variety of techniques, Upazila Agriculture Officer Mohammad Shamim Iqbal gave the welcome speech.

Highlights the harmful aspects of the program as the chief guest in mice and suppress the advice of the Upazila Parishad Chairman Md Abdul Rahman also spoke. Among others, BMW freedom fighter Mohammad Nazrul Islam said.

Rat killing campaign will run until November 15, within the time prescribed by killing the rats would be able to demonstrate a special award from the district administration will be announced that Chief Executive Officer. Agriculture Department officials and employees of the opening ceremony, officials of various government departments, including the leaders of farmers coming from different areas attended the local ganamadhyamakarmigana.

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