parbatipur-পার্বতীপুরে খাস জমির দখল নিয়ে সংঘর্ষ আহত ৩Parbatipur Khas district of possession opponent 3 people were injured in the attack. Mominpur injured in the village of Union hayabatpura simulatali entajula Haq (60), AS Majid (55) and his son Sohag (5). The incident occurred last Friday (14 October) at simulatali hayabatpura parbatipurera Mominpur Union. The injured were admitted to Upazila Health Complex.

However, Parbotipur-Dinajpur highway near the village hayabatpura simulatali at 4 and 6 spots in the 66 century, the land has been occupied for a long time suffered entajula Haq, son of the village, Noor Alam (35). In 01, he took on lease the land for 99 years. Idris Ali Zone at the beginning of the village land farming as sharecroppers. Couple of years ago when I started farming the land it occupied the land between the two sides is the creation of a strong and colliding. And several clashes took place about this case. Currently about this on various charges between the two sides have been 7 cases.

Land lease debtors Noor Alam Friday prayers on Friday for allegedly asking her for his father and grandfather, peace be upon him entajula Majid Haq Mosque prayer was simulatali market. Idris Ali Jama Masjid in the old town area of the mandala while crossing the sticks of 8-9 people suddenly came out of the mosque, who went on to carry them. The entajula Haq (60), AS Majid (55) and his son Sohag (5) was seriously injured.

Parbatipur about this model police officer Mahmud Alam, heard that the clash. However, so far no party has filed a complaint.

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