birgonj-degree-collegeBest known as a town north bidyapitha Birganj College (20102011), the first session was introduced honors courses. The first phase Bengali, sociology, history and culture of Islam is adhibhukti 150 student / students of the first batch started.

Final results are published this month, four-year and 96% per cent pass rate. Grade point 4 above has received a total of 7 people in 3 points. Expressing satisfaction at the results, principal of Islam Chowdhury, Md khayarula Birganj This is a milestone for Bashir.

The region in which the student / students to higher education more wide. And the final results are out, they will be partners in the development of the region.

He congratulated the three divisions siksakabrndake urged to maintain continuity in the future.

This is also the president of the college gabhanim body manoranjasila Mr. Gopal M, P, Sir, and other members of the principal congratulated mahodayake.

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