Thakurgaon mapPirganj upazila chairman of the district election pledge to protect 10 jabarahata iuniyanabyapi continued campaign to stop alcohol or gambling. 4. gambling on October 4, has been arrested and handed over to the Chairman Humayun Kabir. The area has been santosti janane widespread.

However, as part of the commitment the chairman Humayun Kabir, drugs and gambling in its control area to stop several times requested the byaktibargadera.

However, if you keep gambling on 4 October the chairman of the village council, with members of his village basabari Borobari base from gambling, gambling to the cremation ghat 4 hasthantara man was arrested by police. Uddin, son of the resurrection of the dead persons were arrested sindurna atikura (8), basandi village of sudhuramera compute Ram (4), the deceased’s son Moksed Manik (5), son of Shafi Uddin chalima village of Thakurgaon Sadar Nishchintapur (35), who held the gambling board police informed. Police Sub-Inspector Nurul hudara later led police force accompanying the arrested person to the police station was arrested.

The police inspector Nurul Huda filed against persons detained under section 11 of the Act of 1867, gambling was the prosecution. Case No. 5 04.10.16 Tang Eng. As a result, drug trafficking and gambling operation in the area concerned with the Chairman of the panic has been created.

In addition, the newly-elected chairman of the union ordinary people jnapanasaha gratitude to the continued operation of such provisions of the safety and security of civilians and maintain law and order in the role of the chairman urged.

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