Dhan চাল গম ৩Thakurgaon Correspondent ranisankaila ranisankaile dharmagara No. 1 and No. 3 hosenagao iuniyanara half of the poor people deprived of rice ration cards is negligence on the part of the authorities concerned. Sheikh Hasina’s commitment to 50 million poor families in the country to be able to Rs 10 per kg rice. Under this program, 10 thousand 716 people ranisankaile ration cards for the poor people are allocated. UP chairmen of the two due to the negligence of the 680 poor people are deprived of the benefits.

The Chief Executive Officer Khandaker Md Nahid Hasan, chairman of the committee, said the list of names submitted to them at the right time allocation has been canceled. Dharmagara negligence on the part of the Committee of Union and nanduyara 2680 ranisankaile poor people are deprived of the benefits.

Food Officer Biplob Kumar Singh, member secretary of the list of poor credit was the last time on September 30. At 8 in the Union List of the Union was not submitted within the period of 80 thousand metric tons of rice goes back to the government exchequer.

BCL general secretary Saiful Rahman, 10% of poor people resanakarda has ranisankaile. Other people got the rest of the card. He is a member of the committee chairman Mukul dharmagara. Their names were not submitted on time, the president of the union km allocation has been canceled.

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