Rape Niejaton 9Arif Uddin, Upazila in Gaibandha Android: Sundarganj a young girl (Sima Akhter, 13), who is charged with rape Ashok Kumar Sarkar (55), a college teacher has been arrested. He is working as an assistant professor Sundarganj Women Degree College.

The incident took place on Tuesday night. Ashok Kumar, the government arrested teachers union in the upazila sonaraya retired principal of South Baidyanathtala Mukul Chandra’s son. Karunamayi raped a local girl Girls’ High School 6th grade student.

The girl’s mother over (Feroza Begum), the plaintiff is accusing Ashok kumarasaha 3 Sundarganj police Women and Children Repression Prevention Act has been filed. The other two suspects are working Ashok Kumar Babul Mia (45), and auto-rickshaw driver Anu Mia (40). They were tried in absentia.

Nearby villages south of the victim’s father sonaraya Union (Abdus Samad), said his daughter coaxed Peerganj entertainment district, the city of joy ‘is taken. In the meantime, teachers Ashok Kumar had raped her.

According to police sources, the girl Tuesday morning on their way to school in the neighboring town of joy Pirganj saikelayoge Motor coaxed defendant Babul Mia said. His partner was another neighbor Anu Mia auto rickshaw driver.

According to the plan, teachers Ashok Kumar went after them. From there the way back to the hotel in one of the teen-ager was raped by Ashok Kumar. Later, back at the house across the street in the area of Pirganj, Rangpur sanerahata into the bushes again tried to rape Ashok.

In the meantime, some individuals rushed her screams caught their allies fled Ashok Kumar. At that time, the money and the people who manage Ashok Kumar had fled from there. In the meantime, the girl was sent to his home by putting an auto-rickshaw.

The auto rickshaw driver after arriving in the area Sundarganj Bamandanga away with the girl down. In the meantime, she came crying to the people around him knew the police Sundarganj. The police took her to the police station. The basis of his statement, Ashok Kumar was arrested from his home.

Sundarganj police officer in charge (OC) Israel Hossain, the girl’s medical examination has been completed. We are trying to arrest the culprits.

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